CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage.

CEPIC "aims to be the centre of the picture industry" in Europe. According to its "About Us" Webpage, CEPIC "federates nearly a thousand of picture agencies and photo libraries in 20 countries across Europe, both within and outside the European Union. It has affiliates in North America and Asia. CEPIC's membership includes large and smaller stock photo libraries, major photo news agencies, art galleries and museums, video companies. CEPIC has among its members the big global players such as Getty and Corbis. Through this membership, CEPIC represents more than 150.000 authors in direct licensing. The annual CEPIC Congress is the largest global gathering of the international photo community and extends CEPIC’s network on all five continents. CEPIC has been a member of IPTC since 2005 and of ICOMP since 2009. Our members are producers, collectors and distributors of content – moving and still images. They are well versed in dealing with rights issues such as the right to reproduce, moral rights of authors and the global distribution of assets for commercial and non commercial use. Our members have been digitising content for over 15 years, and making the resulting digital asset available for commercial use, such as to newspapers, magazines and broadcasters, off and on-line, as well as in non- commercial environments for the purposes of research and education. Alongside the need for access comes the need to support the creative economy that produces and delivers this work, namely the artists and those that make their work available. CEPIC’s imperative is to ensure that the creators are the beneficiary of direct payment. We believe that based on its professionalism and IT experience, our industry is in a position to propose solutions to the challenges of the Digital Age."

PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System)

The PLUS Coalition is an international non-profit organization with a tightly focused mission: to simplify and facilitate the communication and management of image rights. Organized by respected associations, leading companies, standards bodies, scholars and industry experts, the PLUS Coalition is operated by and for all communities involved in creating, distributing, using and preserving images. Spanning more than seventy countries, these diverse stakeholders have collaborated to develop both the PLUS Registry and a system of industry standards that together make it easier to communicate, understand and manage images.
The PLUS Coalition exists at the crossroads between technology, commerce, the arts, preservation and education."

Arts and Humanities Data Service

The Arts and Humanities Data Service, a UK national service funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee, produced a final report in 2006 on the practical issues related to the preservation of digital images. The lengthy report discusses the nature of digital images (i.e., content, format, size, metadata requirements), and the potential preservation methods to ensure long term access and use. This report recognizes that the majority of research into the preservation of digital images has focused upon the theoretical and has been general in nature. Topics covered in this 155 page report: User Requirements, Properties of Digital Images, Preservation Methods, Images Metadata, Life Cycle and Organizational Models, and Assessing Preservation Costs.